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General Class Information

Classes are offered everyday Monday through Saturday. We are flexible! You can pick any combination of days and times that are available! Classes are 25 minutes long starting on the hour and half hour.  The extra 5 minutes between lessons allows the instructors to talk to each of the parents, apprising them of their children’s progress. For a current available classes look at our schedule!

Group Classes

Group classes for the Flounder to Dolphin levels have a maximum of 3 students of similar age and ability per instructor.  Group classes for the Otter, Orca and Hammerhead Shark levels may have 3-4 students of similar age and ability per instructor.

Private Classes

We offer one-on-one instruction for any student interested in an individualized curriculum to meet personal objectives.  Private lessons are recommended for overly confident toddlers who cannot sit on the steps safely, students easily distracted by sharing time and space with others, special needs students unable to safely participate in a group class, fearful children ages 6 and older, and all adult lessons. 

Semi-Private Classes

We will schedule two students that you bring to us, to work with one instructor. 

Stroke Refinement Lessons

Sunshine offers specialized lessons to fine-tune the students’ technique in swimming specific strokes.  Major improvements in technical ability to perform a stroke should be observed in a single class.  Each class is divided into skills for arm positioning, kicking style, and breathing techniques. Refinement lessons are offered in freestyle, racing backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly.  Children who have already begun to learn the basics for each stroke will get the maximum benefit from the refinement lessons.  However, any child swimming at the Dolphin level and above will likely benefit from a refinement lesson.  One student per instructor, unless otherwise arranged. swim levels in Tucson swim lessons in Tucson


Q-How warm is the water?

A-Our pool is outdoor and heated to a comforting 90 degrees.

Q-Can my child be in a non-baby class if they are not yet 2.5 years of age?

A- Yes, But usually this only occurs for babies who have been in several baby classes and have demonstrated they can handle classes without a parent in the water. We will not hold back on your child progressing based on age.

Q-What are your class sizes?

A-Regular group classes will max out at 3 students per instructor. Baby classes will be between 4-6 per instructor.