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If you have been a customer before and have an email file with us, we recommend signing into the Parent Portal and use filters to narrow down your search for our availability.  Classes will be listed at $56 dollars. This is the base monthly rate if you sign up for one class a week month provided that you have 4 classes in the months time Frame. You are charged only on how many times your class we be held each month and will be pro rated accordingly. 

The dates you see corresponding to each class is only there to show you the length in total that any given class will be available. You are not obligated to enroll for the entire available length 



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If you are new to Swim School Click the link below and register your kids!

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What Level do I sign up for?


If your chid has never had any formal lessons and is relatively new to swimming they will be a "Flounder," or a "Pollywog." Flounders are swimmers who are still nervous about swimming. Pollywogs are for swimmers who like to be in the pool but have yet to learn the basics.

Starter Classes

What if my child has some swimming experience?


If you have a child who has had lessons before, or has learned some of the basic skills. Follow the link and answer some questions to generate what level they should be. You can also call the office at 520-886-6005 and talk with a staff member who can assist you further. In some cases we can set up an evaluation time to bring your child in and assess their abilities!

Advanced Levels