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Beginner Classes-Starting Off Strong!


Pups Level

Pups, or (Baby Sharks) is our baby level for Infants that are 6-30 months old. Parents are in the water during these classes. Parents who have a toddler between the ages of 6-30 months who do not want to get inthe water can sign up for private lessons for their child and we can teach them personally. 

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Flounder Level

Flounder level is for swimmers who have little to no experience in the water. Flounders will typically still be dependent on wearing floating devices, and will not be comfortable putting their face in the water or initiating their own swimming.  Flounders will not be in the water with parents and are typically over 2.5 years old. 

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Pollywog Level

Pollywog level is for swimmers who are happy in the water but still have little to no experience. Pollywogs will typically be comfortable jumping in the water, putting their face in, and initiate their own swimming.

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Goldfish Level

Goldfish level is for swimmers who are able to float on their back for 5 seconds on their own, can get their own breath when kicking with a kick board, can glide off the step, can proficiently blow bubbles, and has  decent kicking technique.

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Upper Level Classes-Where Students Become The Master



This is our first advanced level. Swimmers who can proficiently do big arms, float on their back, and  get a breath on their own are ready for the Dolphin level.  In the Dolphin level, the swimmers will be swimming into the deep end of the pool for the first time.

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Otter level is for swimmers who have learned Big Arms and can perform them relatively well the length of our pool  through the deep end, and are ready to begin learning Side Breathing and Backstroke.

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Orca level is for swimmers who are ready to learn Breaststroke. Orcas should have previously already learned Freestyle and Backstroke. 

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Hammerhead Shark level is now our final advanced level. Swimmers should have a comprehensive knowledge of Freestyle, Backstroke, and Breaststroke.  These swimmers will begin to learn Butterfly.

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Swim Team


Swim Team is for any student in the Otter level or higher. We will focus on endurance, teamwork, and technique. Please see our Swim Team Section to learn more about our Schedule. 

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Non Competitive Swim Team-Oh You Fancy

What is it?

Sunshine Swim Team provides a creative, FUN environment in which our swimmers can practice skills, build endurance, meet new friends, and improve self-esteem.

*New strokes will not be introduced. 

Are you eligible?

Any swimmer meeting the requirements for the Otter Level or higher may participate.  4:00 – 5 – 8 year olds 5:00 – 8 – 15 year olds 

The BIG Benefits:

  • Low coach to swimmer ratio
  • Coaches evaluate each swimmer to determine appropriate event
  • Swim Team is a perfect compliment to classes
  • Make friends and have FUN while becoming a better swimmer

Each team can have a maximum of 15 swimmers.

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If you currently take swim lessons with us and your child is at least Otter level, click the link below to register. if you need help evaluating whether or not your child meets the qualifications for swim team please give our office a call to assist you. 520-886-6005.

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