Additional Services


Oral Progress Reports

At the end of each class, the student’s instructor will notify the parents as to the progress of the child.  This discussion will include which skills the child is doing well, which skills need improvement, and what can be practiced at home to encourage skill development.  If you would like to speak to the instructor in more detail, please notify the front desk and the instructor will call you at your convenience.

Written Progress Reports

At the end of the 5th class of each session, the instructor will provide you with a written progress report.  The report includes a prediction for what level the student will be ready to enter the next session.  This information can be used to sign up in advance for the next session.  If you have already enrolled for the next session, please confirm that level you have signed up for is the correct one.


During the 4th class of each 8 or 10-day session,* an underwater photograph will be taken of each student. If you are absent on the 4th day, make-up photos will be taken on the 6th day of class. You will be emailed a link to the photographs taken on the day in which your student is enrolled. You may save a copy of the photo to your computer and then print the photo yourself if you like. Unfortunately, if your child misses one of the photo days, we will not be able to provide a photograph for this session. *Photos will not be provided for any sessions with fewer than 7 classes.


At the end of the last day of class of each 8 or 10-day session, the instructor will provide you with a certificate (and your complimentary photo).  This certificate indicates the skills reviewed and mastered during the current session.  *Certificates will not provided for any one-week sessions.



Coloring Page

Click on this link HERE to open a full-size picture that you can color for fun!

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